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I design all in one tech solutions for the complex needs of any industry.

I have spent the last fifteen years developing a variety of skills, curating every step to build amazing brands. I’m a designer, developer, creator, and entrepreneur.

Join me while we experience some of my work.

Role: Co-Founder
2021 - Current
bean to bar edibles
From the ground up, literally...

Working with the founder Kyle Phillips, I worked tirelessly to create a striking and professional brand for one of the highest-quality edibles on the market.

The initial inspiration came from wanting to create an organic, and expandable product palette differing from the current market.

Working direct with the manufacturer I created unique packaging with engaging textures that complement the asthetic.

Building off of the organic branding we created, I developed a very clean and user-friendly website detailing our products and processes. 

Utilizing the B2B E-Commerce experience I developed Flowerd.io, I integrated a wholesale purchasing experience to create a seamless experience for our retail partners.

With multiple states across the country legalizing cannabis in various ways, I develop all packaging and marketing tailored to fit each state.

An integral skill of mine is building extensive BOM’s detailing every product part, their costs, and labor associated. Isolating each piece allows us to source from other producers, maximize bulk ordering, and increase profit margins.

Role: Creative Director
2021 - Current
I provide CannaProz with a multitude of skills ranging from $100mil project fundraising presentations, UI/UX Development, Web Development and Marketing Content.
As a developer I lead the direction of all of CannaProz Web Development, making sure we maintain a professional appearance, as well as build any of our partner companies, and clients branding and websites.
Presentation Decks
Over the past two years I've built dozens of presentation decks raising well over $100mil. By creating outstanding presentations we're able to capture the investors attention and showcase all the benefits.
UI/UX Development
Building next generation technology I've developed a clean and professional user interface and user experience for our future projects. Building mockups and detailed content for handoff is key to keeping the development process efficient.